Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Note to Dad on July 28, 2014

Dear Dad,

It is great to hear from you! I am glad everyone is well. I am happy for Shane, Kirstan looks like a really cool girl. I just pray if things go well he can wait at least 6 months to "seal" the deal, I at least want to be there for that! haha Just a simple request from his favorite and ONLY sister. I am praying for Matt. I worry about him more than he knows. I really want to be able to go to the temple with him when I get back. I want to go every week before I go to school in the fall. I'll pray for mom's job and also for your work. You are awesome dad and I know you are working hard! Just pray like it all depends on the Lord and work like it all depends on you! 
Thank you so much for your note this week. I really appreciate the time YOU put into your emails. It is a blessing to me. I especially enjoyed your comments about the athletes who necessarily don't have the greatest talent but work hard and then they can see success. And often times more success than those who are naturally gifted. It reminds of a talk I read this week after I received our transfer news. So we all anticipated transfer calls to come Monday night, it came Tuesday morning during studies...Sister Galbraith was being transferred and I would stay in PoMo with a new companion who had never been a sister training leader and I would be senior companion, even though she's been out 15 months. I was a little stressed. I was feeling like my talent was not going to be good enough. 
So to try and ponder my new situation, I turned to the April 2014 General Conference Ensign. I read the talk, "Bear Up Their Burdens with Ease" by Elder Bednar. He starts out the talk describing a pick up truck that gets stuck in the snow. The driver is flooring it and the truck won;t move. He had been out to chop some firewood so he decided that instead of sitting there hopeless, he'd do what he had intended to do. SO he chops all this wood and puts it in the back of his pickup and due to the extra weight, he had the traction necessary to pull himself out of the snow. I started to ponder this. The Lord gave me this assignment because I just need a little more wood in my pickup truck. I need a little more weight to produce the spiritual traction necessary to propel me forward. I knew this is exactly what I needed. He also talked about how when this extra weight and traction comes we have the choice of letting the weight hold us down OR we can become equally yoked with Christ and be able to bear our burden's with Him. It is in that moment that we can start to spiritually progress. It is through Jesus Christ and accepting His Atonement in our lives that we can accomplish the task we've been given.

I am pretty overwhelmed because I cover 9 companionships of sisters that are in 3 zones and have to work with 3 very different sets of zone leaders. It's not an easy task and right now I have to help my companion learn what our assignment is all about. I have to be equally yoked with Christ so that I can do all He requires of me. And Just like the athlete, we have a choice! We choose to work hard! we choose to see success and it's all about being agents who ACT not agents who are acted upon! 
I love you! I miss you! I love being a missionary! And I hope you have a great birthday on Saturday!!!!

Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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