Friday, September 12, 2014

Email from June 9 th

Dear Dad,
   Thanks for the few photos! Looks like everyone is well. Lucy is growing so fast and I just realized that Kilee is almost 16... Holy Crap! haha She becoming so beautiful! :) Tell her I love her and miss her! I am really glad she got to go see her dad, how did it go? I hope everyone is well. It sounds like you're working hard and seeing deals happen, awesome.
  SO this week I learned a lot about the spirit. I feel like when I first got out on my mission it was so hard to recognize the promptings of the spirit. It's a weird thing because as a missionary, if you're being exactly obedient then you automatically have the spirit with you all the time so deciphering between promptings had always been a little difficult for me. My trainers would pray over the map and they'd say, "Where do you think we should go?" I had no idea! I was just staring at a bunch a streets. I never understood what they meant when they told me the spirit would guide me to where we needed to go.
   Now that I've been out here for over 10 months, I have gotten a lot better at not only recognizing the spiritual promptings coming my way but also acting on them. Last week I saw so many miracles. We had a zone meeting on Friday and I had never felt the spirit so strong! My heart was pounding so hard and I seriously cannot deny that the gospel is true! The church is seriously SO true! Every part of it just makes sense and everything witnesses to me that God is good and He's real and Jesus Christ is our Savior and so a part of our lives! I was so pumped up and couldn't wait to get out and just tell everyone in British Columbia! I didn't care who I talked to but I needed to share what i just felt!
   We didn't have a ton of time that night to contact but we went out and I was going to reach our goal of 4 new investigators. There weren't many people on the street but I was searching for the one. I had a strong prayer in my heart and I was trying to follow that spirit that i carry with me. Sister Wang and I were walking on the street and saw that there were not that many people down one side of the mall and I quickly turned around and said, "We need to talk to her!" and then boom! she became a new investigator then we talked to a few other people and it died off again. We started heading a different way and I quickly turned my heels and saw Jay. I said, "We gotta talk to him!" Boom! New investigator who will come to our chinese ward sunday. Seriously, such a miracle! I could hardly even believe it! The Lord guided me to so many people and it was just by looking at them and following the feelings I had.
   So often the spirit is trying to tell us something. HE is constantly giving us direction in this crazy life but if we aren't doing all we can to be worthy of that spirit or if we don't follow the promptings He gives, it's hard for Him to trust us. We truly can have a relationship with the Holy Ghost and trust goes both ways. We have to trust Him and He'll continue to bless our lives and help in our journey through mortality.
  I love being a missionary and being a part of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know I need to follow Him more than ever and i know He'll help me with all the assignments I have been given on my mission and in my life. I love you and am praying for you! I am so blessed to have two amazing parents who taught me so well how to follow the spirit.
   Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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