Friday, September 12, 2014

Email from July 7th

Dear Dad, 
  It is great to hear from you! Although I am incredibly jealous that I wasm't there to go to lake powell!!! I seriously wish I could have been, It looked like a blast! This past week was crazy busy with 2 holidays, a birthday, an exchange with the spanish sisters and a mission council with president burt! WOW! I will gladly tell you all about it but before that, it is so good to hear from you! I miss your long informative, detailed emails. It's great! I am glad mom was able to report on me, i hope she didnt talk about my leadership in too much depth. It doesnt need to be published... I'm just a normal missionary with a few extra responsibilities and opportunties to serve. I am sure she enjoyed sharing about me though, I am loving it out here! I am so happy to hear your job is doing well! That is such a blessing! i love to hear that :) i have been praying a lot. everyone seems well. I will keep everyones health in my prayers. Just let me know on when I need to get my blood stuff done. 

   So you asked for "a day in the life of Sister Dahl", I'll let you have it. So I am in a normal proselyting area, in a normal ward but we cover 3 zones of sisters, 8 companionships (including a few trios) so it's 20 sisters total. And our responsibility is "to lift encourage, inspire and bless". As President Tilleman explained to me once before in an interview, my responsibility, with my companion is to teach and train other sisters how to do missionary work. So that includes exchanges. Because we cover so many sisters that means I do about 2, 24 hour exchanges every week. It makes things go quick. Also, we train at different district meetings every week since we are one of the only missions in the world, if not the only mission, who has all sister districts. So we train at those, we train at each of the 3 zones, zone meetings. we collect results and report to the assistants on baptismal information. If sisters have questions about obedience or want permission to do something, they go through us and we will communicate with the zone leaders or assistants. It's a pretty crazy life. But I love it! We really are hastening! 

   Since President and Sister Burt arrived last week and we had a mission council, which all sister training leaders attend, we will be having zone meetings. So we have 1 on wednesday and then 2 on friday, along with a zone conference with the Burt's and 2 exchanges. It'll be next Monday before I know it! It is a fast life, but like I said, I love it. It is so special the miracles that take place and the spirit that is felt when you are able to truly help a sister as she serves. I can feel the Lord work through me to just bless the other sisters. I had the opportunity to exchange with the Spanish Sisters this week and after praying again, we knew I needed to be in their area. And guess what? I can speak spanish!!! The Lord blessed me so much to be able to understand and speak at times and by the end of the exchange, pray. This poor sister said she hated exchanges because no one ever understands and she has to teach all on her own. It was amazing to see how merciful the Lord was to her and also to me. I know that my spanish is not gone, it's just on the shelf right now and the Lord will allow me to remember and continue to study when I return. It was so cool!

   My favorite part of last week was going to mission council! I love the Burt's! What amazing people! i miss the Tilleman's so much and I love them dearly but I know the Burt's are exactly what are mission needs and that we will begin to progress and take this mission to the next level. I felt the spirit confirm to me so strongly that President Burt has all the priesthood keys to lead and direct this mission. We counseled together and everything he testified of and trained on was EXACTLY what we need right now. I felt so privileged to receive that witness so quickly. I love how the spirit truly is involved in every aspect of this work.

   My birthday was good. Thanks so much for the package! I loved the journal and the clothes and I love the scripture case! Thanks so much! Tell mom she did a good job! :) and tell Paula thanks too! I felt your love because it was a pretty hard day. You said you missed not being with me, it was hard not being with you! I kind of had a break down... but I am doing better now. Just learning a lot about myself and how I can improve. 20 is a big age and my next 20 are going to shape the rest of eternity. Thanks for a good start! :) I am happy though, nervous about next transfer. My comp found out she goes in the middle of next transfer instead of the end. I hope I can be with her to the end. She's great!

   Well, I love you! I love the pics and am so grateful you saw so many miracles on your trip. The Lord is funny like that! He is fully in control though and is constantly building our faith. I am praying for you and love you all!

love, Sister Emily Dahl

P.S Let me know if you get a hold of the Tilleman's! i love them and miss them! If you meet up tell them Thank you and that they changed my life and I love them! 

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