Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Note from July 28, 2014

Hey mom! 

Sounds like you're life is about to get crazy again. Dad told me about you going back to work at the school. I will pray for you. I know this will be a good thing and you will be able to bless those you work with. You have the spirit with you and it will help you know what to do. Also, thank you so much for the shoes! I loved them :) I wore a pair to transfer meeting and looked great! :) THANK YOU!!! Seriously, you're the best! I am not sure where you found that red and orange skirt but i am glad you sent it. It's actually a great missionary skirt! I will have to wear it and send pics. I LOVED all the announcements! That was so great to see them all. Meagan and Jensen's was so cute. I am happy they are finally getting married. and that it is in the temple. Also, what is madelyn's plan? Is she going up to utah too? take pictures at all these weddings! I want to see meagan's dress! I am not too worried about Shane. I just hope he is happy. I just dont want him to get married with in the next 6 months... i'd be pretty bummed if I wasn't there. I eat when we have time haha we eat chinese every now and then but usually what ever is available and fast. My cooking skills have gotten a little better in the last year though haha

How are you really? I miss you so much. It blows my mind that it has been a whole year since I last saw you in person or gave you a hug. This next 6 months will go quick though. I am excited to work as hard a as I can this next 6 but when it's over I can;t wait to get a pedicure with you and go to carolina's :) I love you so much! Hang in there! :)
Love, Em

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