Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Email from July 14, 2014

Dear Dad,

Oh my goodness!  I can't even believe you went and saw the Tilleman's speak yesterday.  I am so excited that you got to see just a glimpse of what I experienced nearly every week!  They are incredible!!!  They have both changed my life for the better and I am truly so blessed for all that I am have been given.  The Tilleman's and the Burt's will forever be close to my heart. Tell me what you said to him and what he said to you! I want a play by play!

So this past week was crazy!  I don't think I have ever been so busy my whole mission and then so exhausted either!  On Tuesday we had a zone conference with the Burt's!  I fall in love with them more and more each time we meet! and then an exchange with the Port Coquitlam (Poco) sisters.  That exchange was definitely an answer to my prayers.  I had been feeling like I was inadequate to be in the position I am and that I wasn't helping any of the sisters. I was pretty down. But after this exchange was such a tender mercy.

The Poco sisters are in a trio and sister Galbraith pulled one into our area and I was with the other 2.  I was able to get them both to open up and start talking about their feelings and what's been tough lately.  And then the next morning I studied for them.  I plead with Heavenly Father to help me know what these sisters need.  And in companionship study it all came together.  It was such a miracle! I just started talking and then the spirit filled my mouth with exactly what those sisters needed.  It all just made sense. It was an amazing exchange and helped me know that I am here for a reason.  I am here to help these sisters at this time and everything I have gone through or am going through is to bless them somehow. It's incredible!

On Wednesday we had our first of 3 zone meetings.  We were training at all of them. So Wednesday when quick and we had one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission with a Young Single Adult Chinese kid named Tim.  We met him last Sunday and he had been seeking direction in his life. In the lesson he felt the spirit so strong and he knew it was the spirit!   He set a baptismal date and went to the YSA branch yesterday. They elders will meet with him tomorrow! It's such a miracle!

Thursday was our interviews with President and Sister Burt.  As we waited we got a personal training by 2 of the assistants.  It was pretty intense but they are helping me increase my faith.  I have been struggling with that a lot lately, but I am working on it!  but since they were pretty backed up we had our interview together, Sister Galbraith and I.  Good thing we like each other :)  He asked about our family and I showed the picture from Shane's homecoming.  It was so fun to be with them.

But our week picked up again when we had back to back zone meetings and a different set of assistants was at each.  Talk about nerve racking!  I get so nervous to train and feel like they go horrible but it turned out okay haha we then had another exchange with some sisters who are struggling a lot!  But to say the least, after that whole week, I am tired!  I crashed on Saturday night.  I could not believe our week had been so draining!  But non the less, I loved it all!  This work is so incredible and I can;t wait to work my hardest for the next 7 months!  It'll go quick but it is all worth it!

I love you! I miss the fam but this is exactly where I need to be!  Please keep praying for me!  Thanks for all the support you give to me!

Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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