Thursday, May 1, 2014

Note from April 7th

Dear Dad,
   Sounds and looks like you all are having a great time in Nashville. I remember going to Denver, that was so fun. It's funny being on a missi0n though because as you all were at the Final Four and I was watching conference in Mandarin I just kept thinking, "I really hope mom and dad are able to watch this! It;s so good!" There were so many amazing talks and helpful insights. I had to listen to 3 sessions in mandarin so Elder Holland and Elder Bednar's talks will probably be a surprise when I read about them in a few weeks. I had like 2 lines of notes for Elder Holland... clearly I didn't understand haha It was a neat experience though. The one session we did listen to in English (saturday afternoon) Answered everything I've been dealing with and also our companionship!
   I have been thinking a lot about how to strengthen my faith and Elder Russel M Nelson answered that one pretty well! He talked so much about where we put our faith and how it needs to be in our Savior. That's the kind of faith that moves mountains, or baptizes someone or helps you find a new job. He talked a lot about SHOWING your faith. We have to seek opportunities to not just exercise faith but to show it! Then Elder Richard G. Scott got up there and changed my life. We have to love, trust and then share the knowledge we know. He taught simply and clearly how members can share the gospel. We just have to share the doctrine of Christ. It's about Faith, Repentance, baptism by water and fire and then enduring to the end. We don;t have to get so complicated with tenets! (2 Tim 2:23, D&C 19:31) It helped me learn to have more confidence in my investigators and what I can do to help them progress.
   Then W. Craig Zwick got up there and answered every problem I will ever have in my mission companionship and eternal companionship. We have to step back ask the other, "What are you thinking?" We have to be patient and in all situations think of the others perspective. I have been struggling with that this week and was definitely called to repentance. I need to be more patient with my companions. If I don't know where they are coming from then I need to ask them where they are coming from! We can "transform hazardous cases into holy places". That talk was so powerful! And then as Elder Quentin L Cook spoke on Family History it gave me such a strong desire to seek out my ancestors when I get home. I am so grateful for all the history I do know already. He said it's time to Hasten THIS work! I have sucha  strong testimony of the temple and the 130 that were built in the last 50 years and we now need to help the Lord take all His children;s names there.
   Those are just some of my thoughts this week. I had a tough time this week. I was a little sick and was struggling with the language and spiritually as well. I was so discouraged because we have no baptismal dates and our area is struggling. I am trying to increase my faith though. I am seeing more and more how the Lord is blessing us. One crazy miracle of the Lord protecting us is we have an investigator who lives in a super sketchy part of east van and our plan was to go to her this week and clean it so we could help her quit smoking. Friday morning we called her to invite her to conference and her phone said "not in service". We kept trying but nothing happened. Then in zone meeting the zone leaders announced that President received revelation that we needed to create a red zone in east van. It's a section where no missionaries are ever aloud to go, ever. Our investigator lives in the middle of that area. We don;t know what would have happened if we went there but we know that Heavenly father is really protecting us. It's such a blessing.
   I love you and pray you get the chance to watch some conference. Tell Shane I still think he's a great catch. Any girl would be crazy not to love him! Maybe he needs to grow out the mane again haha I will continue to pray for your job. I know the Lord will bless you. Thank you for all your prayers and continued support! I am so grateful! 
Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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