Thursday, May 1, 2014

March 31st Note

Dear Dad,
   I guess I can no longer tell my investigators you are a bishop (ni shi yige zhujiao!). I am so grateful you were able to serve well in that calling. You were a blessing to so many. I loved having you as a bishop as I went through high school. It felt like I could share the great relationship we have with everyone in the ward. they could talk to you like I do. It's so special! I am glad you enjoyed my note. I tried to bring a smile to yours and mom's face. btw I felt the spirit so strong when you said Steve Smit is a counselor now. It just confirmed to me that he is so ready for a calling like that and that he has been called of God. I am so proud of where he has come and for the blessing he has been to our family and Joni and Megan. Let him know I love him and I am excited to sit next to him on the stand at my homecoming talk :) 
   Jack is going on a mission! I am so excited! He is such a stud. Argentina look out! You;re getting the best guy around. I am so excited and will start praying for him as he prepares even more. He will love the mission. And what a blessing to speak spanish! That will be so neat for him. 
   SO something I have been thinking a lot about this week is obedience. It seems like a simple concept but it has just been such a crucial part of my mission so far. I can see a direct relationship with obedience and blessings. When we obey, the Lord is bound. He has to bless us. I was reading this morning in Mosiah 2:22-24 and it just hit me so strong. The spirit confirmed to me that when we obey, blessings ALWAYS follow. I see so many missionaries who aren't doing their absolute best to obey every rule. They don't take the handbook to heart and it's just sad to me. I was on exchanges this week and another sister told me one of my strengths is obedience. It meant so much to me and I feel like I am honestly doing everything I can to do exactly what heavenly Father has asked me to do. (I'm also trying to stay humble!)
  I can see how this mindset will effect me the rest of my life. I can feel the world getting more and more evil. I am away from the world at this time but when I see small glimpses it's so sad. I know in the future I need to be strong. I need to keep this mindset of exact obedience, to the commandments and to my covenants. It's such a blessing that I am learning this now. It amazing to be able to evaluate myself all the time and check to see how I can improve. It is helping me become better and refining me. I pray you and the family are doing everything you can to follow Jesus Christ and every commandment He gives us. I am so grateful to be raised in a home where our standards were high. Thank you so much for that! 
   I love you so much. I will continue to pray for you and for the boys. I know everyone is going through separate challenges and we're constantly learning and changing. But I also know when we do what the Lord would have us do it will always be better in the end. 
  love, Sister Emily Dahl

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