Saturday, April 19, 2014

Note from March 3rd

Whether it's Wendy meeting missionaries and 10 years later having her family come to prepare Suki. Or it's Grace lsoing her job so she can become active again and we were able to meet Chico or it's me and kaylie both going to UA and taking the same classes, Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. This gospel is so true and He is SO real! It's a greta day to share this message and it's a privilege to witness these miracles everyday. If we just step back for a moment and open our eyes we can see incredible miracles happening. Heavenly Father is amazing!
    Well all in all I am doing well! It gets better and better each week. It always amazes me how fast time goes here on the mission. I have been so incredibly blessed and I am growing so much in the process. The language is coming. Not too much progress this week, I still get nervous about not having a native speaker with me. I think that's just the Lord preparing me to not have one haha We'll see. 3 more weeks till transfers. Also in March 4 general Authorities are coming to our mission and one is an apostle! We don't know who yet but we'll know soon! It's going to be so amazing. I am so stoked.
   Well I love you and pray for you. i will send Poppy and Ganny a letter soon. I pray Poppy feels better. I am so excited for you to help ganny be sealed to her parents. Taht is awesome. I don't need too much right now. maybe some moremoney in my account? haha We're going to China tow today so next week will be really fun! I'll try to buy some little things for the fam. Did you ever get my Christmas package? I love you and pray for you! Thanks for the great email!
Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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