Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Note from March 11th

Dear Dad,
   Wow. I feel like every email I get is like a new piece of info to rock my world haha Thank you for telling me not to stress. I have a strong feeling that the Lord definitely will open a better opportunity for you. It makes me think of me applying to BYU. I thought I had it. No problem. but the Lord obviously knew what i needed, so I didn't get accepted. He helped me see that UA where was I needed to be and now look at all the blessings that have come from that? Example A: KAYLIE'S PARENTS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! What would have happened if the Lord didn't intervene? It would just be another ol' Saturday. So I am not too worried about you. My heart is at peace and I know it'll be okay. I feel as though the spirit was prompting me on Saturday when I started my fast. I felt strongly I needed to fast for my parents and you kept coming to mind. At first it was your health but as I continued to pray through out the day, it wasn't about your health, it was just for your well being. The spirit is cool like that. I will continue to pray for you and have full confidence this experience will only lead to bigger and better things! 
   So cool to hear about Meagan and Jensen. All I can say is Took em long enough!! Tell them I am happy for them, the Gilbert Temple is beautiful. Also So cool about mom's new car. I couldn;t see the picture so maybe you can attach it again. I'd love to see this! I'm glad everyone else is doing well, tell Shane to get out there and let all those girls fall in love with him! How's Amber? Did she get my letter? I hope she can take the lessons soon. I pray for here often. Also, did you get my letter? I sent one to you too. 
   Well this was a pretty good week! I went on an exchange with Sister DeMordaunt, the one from Idaho. She is also in the chinese work and it was SO fun! We went up to Simon Fraser University (SFU) and had 2 lessons in Mandarin. It went surprisingly well! I really like teaching chinese people without a native speaker because I can really see how the Lord has blessed me in learning this language. It still amazes me. We were able to contact up there too and we met a ton of chinese students! SFU is full of them! We found 6 new investigators and all but 1 was chinese. And let me tell you, they were flippin out seeing us speak chinese. It was hilarious! We went up to one guy and he wasn;t interested at all and then we asked him where he was from and he said china so I said "ni shi nali ren?" (Which part?) and he about did a back flip. We talked him in mandarin for another 10 minutes and he just kept laughing and I think he peed his pants a little. It was so funny! Hopefully he'll progress in the gospel and remember the 2 blonde girls who spoke mandarin haha
   This week on Wednesday we found out that our investigator, Echo, who is being baptized this Saturday, has to move to Richmond! We were so sad and didn't know what was going to happen. We met met with her Thursday and she said the night before she had prayed for Heavenly Father to help her find somewhere to live since she had one week to move. She said she prayed the night before for Heavenly Father to help her. Thursday morning she found a place. The Lord answered her prayer! She was so excited. She said coming to Burnaby (Hour and a half commute) to be baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday shouldn't be a problem and after that we'll decide whether she'll keep coming to burnaby or go to the branch in Richmond. She is so ready! She has progressed so much and feels totally ready to be baptized this week. I am so excited for her! It also reminded me that Satan is trying really hard before someone gets baptized because he doesn;t want us to make that step back toward exaltation. I pray John and Lynn are doing well and that they can endure till Saturday because this is the best decision they will make in their whole lives. I will pray for them a ton this week!
   Also saw another miracle this week! One of our investigators got into some legal trouble last week and has been dealing with a lot. As we teach him the commandments he is struggling to understand why we have these commandments and he's not sure he is strong enough to obey once he goes back to China. He wants to follow Jesus Christ but didn't see why all these other rules go along with it. We shared scriptures with him and have been encouraging him a ton. Yesterday was fast Sunday and he came to church with his mom. About half way through testimony meeting we see him walk up to the front. Sister Lin and I panicked. We had no idea what he was going to say! I prayed so hard for him as he stood up. I don;t know why I worried because all I saw and heard was a humble son of God sharing His love for the Savior. He explained how he didn't know a lot about Jesus but after he met us on the street he started to understand more and last week when he made a really bad mistake, he knew he could turn to God. He explained that as he prays he can feel peace and truly feel God's love. My heart was so filled! I felt like he was my own son and I couldn;t be more proud. I was so thrilled. It reminded me that anyone can come unto Christ and this work brings more joy than ANYTHING! It's incredible! 
   Well those are just a few stories from the week! I love you and will pray really hard for you in the coming weeks. Saturday will be amazing! That'll be a memory on earth that we'll reflect on for the eternities. It still brings me SO much joy :) Please take pictures!! You're the best Dad! You can make it through this tough time, I promise!
  Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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