Saturday, April 19, 2014

Note from January 27th

So crazy to hear about Lenovo! That'll be interesting. Maybe they'll hire me when i get back as a translator or something! It's good to hear about Shane. he emailed me and told me Kaylie is sick. I will pray for her. I hate that she gets sick so much. Will you text her for me and tell her I love her and pray for her all the time. It kills me that someone so awesome has to suffer so much. That's usually how it goes though. 

I am sorry to hear Scott is struggling lately. I pray he enjoys the whales. Did you know I speak whale? hhhhooooooowwwwwww aaaaaarrrrrreeeeee yyyyooooouuuuuuu???? hahaha Just kidding. That'll be fun to head up to Cali. I hope Paula's team does well and Coy tears it up! :) Tell him to throw that cheddar. Shane is a stud. Miss him like crazy. The washer and dryer are legit! (My comp didnt get why I was so excited about the pic haha) So cool about the gilbert temple! Such an amazing missionary opportunity! I hope Ivan, Ron and amber have a great experience!

So I had a pretty great week. Transfers are coming and that's usually on the back of my mind. I have a feeling I'm going to get pushed even though I broke down on Saturday because I feel like i'm not doing enough. I wrote it out, made some plans and we're back on our feet again! I'll let you know what happens with transfers soon. I probably won;t go anywhere but Sister Lin might leave. We'll see. 
Anyways, Suki got baptized yesterday! It was such a special experience! She really has such a testimony of the gospel and went through so much to finally make this commitment. Her sister in law spoke and we all just cried. The spirit was so strong! Her two babies came too (see pics) and she is one step closer to our Heavenly Father. It was such a blessing to be a part of her journey. I have such a strong testimony now of member referrals. It makes all the difference in the world! We don;t have to worry about Suki at church because we know 10 women are in line to help her and she has her amazing sister in law too. We worry about our investigators that don't have a true friend. It a lot harder for them and for the members but I realized something yesterday.
Whether someone is a referral or not the gospel changes them. We have a recent convert named Alicia (my first baptism). We worry about her because she has not time/interest in meeting with us but she comes to scarament meeting every week, quickly to leave before classes. We feel like her testimony is small and we wan to help build it but don't quite know how. Yesterday she gave a talk in church and it just touched my heart. She shared how she came to be a member of the church and how we helped her know God. She shared an experience where she was struggling because she feels like her english is not improving. She had met with us and I explained to her my experience in learning chinese. I encouraged her to say her prayers in english and it will help her build her relationship with Heavenly Father and improve her english. I think she actually tried it! (Not sure if I understood right haha) It was so amazing to see that even though she is not fully grounded in the gospel, she does have a testimony and it's softening her heart and making her better.
On Friday we had a special opportunity to speak at Young Women New Beginning's. I spoke about the how Personal Progress can help us beome perfected in Christ (Moroni 10:32...Mutual theme 2014) It really was a blessing to ponder how PP blessed my life and helped me come to know my Savior. I shared with them my experience in baking the sacrament bread. I told them the bread didnt always taste good and was often doughy but it helped me realize the importance of the sacrament. It doesn;t matter what the bread taste like or if it cooked all the way. It has greater representation and it is so special and scared. It was such a neat opportunity to speak to them. They showed a video that made me cry and I hope you can show it to the youth. It is really powerful. This is the link It made me ponder a lot about the strength we can recieve from our Savior and how His atonement really is personal and can help us in any type of hardship. Whether it's sickness or loneliness,  and bad relationship or an addiction to pornography, he can heal us. He just have to let Him in.

Well I am doing well. I am growing a lot and truly coming to know my Savior out here. i know what they mean when you really do become your best convert. I can feel myself coming unto Him. It's through the sorrow and pain that I am able to see how much my father in heaven truly loves me and cares for me. I pray everyone can feel this love. I pray you are well and the family is happy. Keep being a great example to everyone and be a missionary! 
I was wondering, what can i do to have a better relationship with our Bishop? Since you're a bishop of many years I'd be interested to see what advice you have. 
I'll pray for Poppy. Please keep me updated on his health. I pray I don't recieve a phone call from president anytime soon about this. I am so grateful they are able to go to the temple and do the work for Nanny. I was touched as I read that. That'll be so special. I love you! have fun in Cali!!


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