Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Note from March 17

Dear Dad,
   I don't even know where to start. My heart is full and words really just can't express how I feel about Saturday. Tears just streamed down my face as I read your comments on the baptism in Lake Havasu. It is an amazing feeling to know that when we just open our mouth and share the gospel, miracles happen. Knowing that Kaylie is a miracle, Kevin is a miracle, and John and Lynn are both miracles, gives me so much desire to share this message with EVERYONE! I am so happy :) I prayed a ton for them this week because I know how hard Satan works to prevent another soul being saved. I am so grateful all of those prayers were heard and Saturday was an amazing day.
   Thanks for sharing your testimony at their service. It means a lot to me that you could represent me. It makes me so sad I could not be there since these people are so close to my heart. I think so often of Kaylie and the amazing woman she is and is becoming as she has accepted the gospel. She does exactly what every convert should, SHARE THE JOY! She is the perfect example of this. It makes me feel so privileged that God picked me to help her come to the gospel. But then again, I didn't do much, I just got her in the building! I wish more than anything I could have been there but if i were to be anywhere but there this is a good place to be. But don't worry! I'll be with them next year in the temple, there's no way i missing that one! :)
   So Saturday here was a great day too! It rained ALL day. ( I am really hating all this moisture! No one wants to talk to us!) but despite the constant down pour, Echo got baptized! :) She is what we like to call, GOLDEN. She met with us for just 6 weeks, 10 visits, to be exact and didnt believe in God or anything. She was really interested and took every assignment to read and pray, very seriously. It is a miracle that we were able to teach her. She progressed to quickly and has such a strong testimony of the gospel. She was so excited to enter the waters of baptism and I told her that March 15th will always be a special day in her life (and also in mine). She had Satan working on her this week after she had to move to Richmond, reschedule her baptismal interview twice and then commute 2 hours by sky train and bus to get to her baptism, but she over came! She has such strong faith and I am so excited for her to progress in the gospel.
   This week I had the opportunity to go on some exchanges. It really is showing me that I can actually speak this language. The Sister Training leader (Sister Biggs, she's from Mesa) told me that in our lessons she didnt understand a word but she could watch me and told me "you are proof that the gift of tongues is real". She said I didnt even struggle, I was speaking chinese! I was pretty nervous to not have a companion that could say anything but Heavenly Father blessed me so much. Tonight is transfer calls. Sister Lin and I will find out if we're being transferred after 6 months. It's been a great 4 transfers and I have learned a ton but we will see what happens tonight. I feel like these last few exchanges are helping me see that as i rely more on the spirit and not on my chinese native companion, that the Lord really helps me see miracles happen. It'll be exciting to see what the future holds.
   Well I love you. I have been praying super hard for you this week. It does stress me out but I am trying to rely more on the Lord, just like you are. It's exciting to hear about Dylan. Tell him I say "Atta boy!" haha she's beautiful. Is she the one who dated Adam price for a long time? I know I have seen her somewhere before. So cool about Chris Kauffman. I am so excited for him! Also it's great to hear about all these mission calls and papers going in. I am so glad Jack is on his way. I got a letter from him not too long ago, love that guy! Everything is good up here. I am working hard and really seeing the joy in this service. Thanks for everything!
Love, Sister Emily Dahl
P.S. I forgot my camera card last week in the computer at the library...7 months of pictures gone. Please save all the pictures I sent to you on your computer :(

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