Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy September

It's so so crazy to me to think that I have been here almost 4 weeks..Where has the time gone??  I have learned so much and I am starting to get a glimpse of what the Lord wants of me and who I need to become to be a better instrument in his hand.  Everyday is something new and every night is a different prayer.  I love this work though.  It is incredible the army God has prepared and I feel honored to be a part of it.
Sooo BEAR DOWN!  I'm repping my UA sweatshirt today! It's starting to get chilly least for this AZ girl. I'm happy to hear that UA started out the season well, even though it was just NAU. Please let me know how they continue to do, it keeps me sane. I'll explain later. That makes me so happy that Jack is in ZonaZoo (U of A student section)! It's the best! Tell him to write me about how much he's loving UA, his roommates, the ward, and institute! I want to know everything!
Now, what I was saying about how I love to hear about sports. My entire district is like completely uninterested in sports! It's killing me. The only Elder who knows anything is Elder Caldwell (The one going to calgary) and he's like a normal guy in liking sports. All the others talk about pokemon, dungeons and dragons, music, and other stuff I kind of have heard of but still have no idea. It kills me. Yesterday, an elder was talking to sister Palmer about which generation of pokemon they liked and which one they would use to in battle and then it turned into "Whats the difference between a sorcerer and wizard?" I was done. I just went and talked to Elder Caldwell about the NFL haha which I dont know a ton about but enough to keep us both sane. I was pretty disappointed when neither of my comps knew who Luis Gonzalez was when I had a dream he was my dad haha we're doing okay though.
So this week for Tuesday Devotional we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve. SO amazing. It's incredible that I've been here a month and already heard from 2 apostles of the Lord. Their spirit is incredible. He spoke on "First Love, Then Sacrifice". It was awesome. It's amazing to look at love and see where we are. Where we are in relation to loving our father in Heaven and also in loving our fellow men and then looking at sacrifice. We sacrifice so much to serve a mission. I'm leaving behind school, all of you, friends, pants, dancing and netflix but those things won't even seem like nothing in comparison to all the blessings I will receive and all the things I will learn as a servant of the Lord. I feel so blessed to be here and can not wait to get to Canada and bless the lives of those individuals there.
I met a girl who said her cousin went to the Vancouver mish speaking Mandarin and loved it! He served a ton on college campuses which I think would be such a blast! I also heard that they just recently started sending sisters there speaking mandarin so I maybe some of the first. I have only met one other sister going there manadarin spekaing and she's already there.
So I've learned a lot about how the Lord works this week. He knows me so well. I am in a trio for a very purposeful reason. I struggled a lot this week with not talking haha. In lessons I talk the most (in Chinese) sounds like a blessing right? Yes. Such an amazing blessing that I am able to communicate in this language that I have been learning for all of 4 weeks now but bu hao (not good) because I am depriving my companions of growth. If I dont let them struggle and work through this then they won't grow as much and when we all work as one in a lesson and speak equally then the Spirit won't be there as well and we won't help our investigator as much as we could. I know the Lord wants me to learn this now so that I can be an even better missionary when I have just one companion. The Lord knows me and it's so comforting that He is here to help me.
I loved the packages! Thank you! :) Happy Canada!! If you come across a big flag then send it on over..I would love that. Elder Caldwell is grateful as well. We wore all our canada stuff on Thursday, it was awesome!  You can tell Gary Matthews that I LOVE Candada already and can't wait to get to BC. Tell him to write me all about BC, I would love to get more excited.
Tell Brad and LEX Happy 3rd anniversary! How's Lucy doin (Lexi is due in January and the baby will be Lucy)??
Well I'm doing well! I'm so blessed and I love you all! I love you mom. I miss you everyday! Tell everyone they are great! and that "dear elder" is their best friend! (you can go to write Emily a note that will be delivered to her mailbox the same day.  Just put "OCT 09 CAN-VAN" in the mailbox field.) 
Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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