Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Emily's Second Email

I am so happy that today is the day I get to wear pants! haha I love the whole skirt thing but dang...I love my jeans haha.
So It's good to hear everyone is doing so well, I'll pray for the boys with school. They can do it with a lot of prayer and fasting! It's so cool that those people got baptized, that is seriously so cool. It's great to see the gospel come into the lives of others. Speaking of baptism... On Friday it was the 6 month-adversary that Kaylie got baptized.   Crazy, huh? I can't believe that she is doing so well and has come so far.  I share our experience a lot and she has taught me so much as she has become fully converted to the Lord.  I sent her a baptism card haha.  I hope she gets it..tell her I sent it to the Institute and Sister Nymeyer will probably have it!

So I've been here a week and a half, WHOA.  Its so true that once you hit Sunday it flies by.  This week went well butWednesday was hard.  We had to teach again and I just was feeling down and discouraged and that I couldnt communicate what I wanted to.   I was especially emabarrassed when He kept asking us if we had eaten or not and me knowing this culturally that when someone asks you if you've eaten they are asking you if you are doing well.  This happened twice in a lesson and it wasn't until Thursday that I realized what he was saying.  It was even more of a shock when our investigator walked in as our new teacher..haha.  I couldnt handle that!  He's actually not my teacher, because he's moving to China so we have a different one.
Other than that the language is coming, I am able to communicate pretty well which is nice.  An Elder in my class lived in China for a year and he told me the other day, "Hey, you speak better than people I knew that lived in China for 2 years".  That was really a confidence boost.  I am trying really hard, but I know I need to put forth even more so that I can fully qualify for the gift of tongues.  I have been praying for an increased desire to learn the language since I often think, "Man..Spanish would be so much easier", but I know that this is what I need. I have been able to see the Lord bless me with the desire, because the other day I was studying grammar and I was giddy because it was exciting haha.  Such a blessing.  I see confirmations everyday that this is my language and my call.  We had to do an activity that made us simplify.  Our teacher said, "Simplify to what is most important" And I was like "Oh jeez!  You're talking to me!" haha  It's a blessing though to know this is perfect.
So last Tuesday we had the privilege of hearing Elder Richard G. Scott speak at the Marriott Center.  SO COOOL!!!  He is such an amazing man.  I sang in the choir and it was awesome.  The meeting was a MTC worldwide broadcast so Ethan Packard may have seen me singing.  HE spoke on prayer and how important it is to communicate with our Heavenly Father.  It really touched me because I can't talk to you or to Mom anymore it is comforting to know I can tell my Heavenly Father anything.  I've really been able to strengthen that relationship since being here.  Elder Scott also gave us an apostolic blessing.  He said, "For those of you learning a language, I bless you that you WILL learn the language and be entitled to the gift of tongues".  Wow. What a neat experience that he promised us that.  If I didn't think I could learn Chinese, I know I can now.
On Sunday we heard from Vai Sikahema.  Dad I know you know who he is.  BYU football, famous punt return in the Miracle Bowl, played for the Cardinals, Packers and Eagles and now he's in television, but hey! Who knew he was a Mormon! haha  He was so cool.  I love Polynesians.  They are hilarious.  He talked all about his love for his mission, the South Dakota, Rapid City Mission.  It was so neat.  His friend was there who actually was a man he baptized in his mission.  How neat.  I can't wait to find a friend like that.
So I see a lot of people, Dani Ellis.  Kayla Fuge lives on my floor.  Melissa Layland has the same schedule as me which is fun.  I see Spencer Katoa a lot too, But I don't see Leif often..I'll try to make the map pic happen but no promises. Oh and make sure Sister Nymeyer knows that Sarah (Wuthrich) Struthers' little brother is in my district.  He's going to New York, Mandarin speaking. Small world!
Well all is well and I received a Dear Elder from Madison this week and a letter from Raini, and B (He finally got my took a month haha).  Keep the love comin!  My companions both have received 7+ packages...CRAZY.  I keep telling them that when I get one it'll be because my parents love me, not because I forgot something! haha  Well I love you all! I can feel your prayers and I am getting stronger everyday!  Wo ai nimen!
LOVE, Sister Emily Dahl
1.Me and Lacey Nymeyer poster (She represents in the mail room!  I'm cool here because I know her.. and helped with her baby shower...but it was just a baby shower. Tell Sister Nymeyer (Tucson Institute Secretary) that that can be her screen saver with her daughter haha.

2. How happy I am when I get letters

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