Wednesday, July 9, 2014

May 12th Email

Dear Dad,
It was so great talking to everyone yesterday! It made me so happy and I loved hearing everyone's voices. I am also very grateful I made it through an hour with out any tears. haha As soon as I started the call Sister Wang put some paper towels in front of me just in case!  The only time I got a little emotional was when I was telling Mom how much I love her.  She's seriously so incredible!  I don't know how she does it.  She is the most Christ-like person I know and it was so special for me to be able to tell her that :) Give her a big hug for me!

SO this past week was pretty good!  Still getting used to the new companion but things are going well.  I pondered a lot this week about why I am still here in Burnaby and why I'm in the position I am.  I really have gained such a  strong testimony of Heavenly Father's plan.  He's so aware of each and everyone of us.  Whether it's something big or small, He's helping us during our time in mortality.  He helps us make decisions and influences us in away that 

1. we can learn and grow. He knows I need to be here still. He knows I need to do my best to help Sister Wang feel special and accomplished in the end of her mission. He knows I can be the one to help her fulfill her calling as a district leader and 

2. we can bless the lives of others so they can learn and grow. He does this through the Holy Ghost. I like to think of President Tilleman as a perfect example. Last transfer meeting he told us, "I don't do anything on my mission unless directed by the spirit. I don't have time for anything else". He is so inspired. He follows the spirit and he knows what I need to still be here. 

I have seen more and more in my mission how Heavenly Father has used me to help others on my mission and it's through the spirit. Whether it's going to drop by someone in the ward who has been on my mind or I write or respond to an email with a prayer in my heart that it will touch their heart. I have seen countless miracles during my mission because I have followed the promptings of the spirit.

I love this concept and I know it'll help you in your new calling as a ward missionary. Get a new ward list and go through and mark everyone you know that is active. Mark everyone you know is a recent convert and who is less active. Prayerfully ponder who needs to be rescued. I think the ward mission leader and all the ward missionaries should do this and come together to give the missionaries a list of who to visit. Also, when you are in lessons with the missionaries, observe their teaching, how often do they use you as a member, are they teaching people or are they just teaching the lesson? Prayerfully ponder what they can do to better use members and in meetings, by the direction of the spirit, you will know how to help those elders see even more success in the ward. I am so excited for the opportunity you have to serve in this calling! You'll love it!
I love this gospel. It makes me a better person everyday and I love the great happiness it brings to me and to others. I love obedience! There is no way I'd see so many miracles and see the influence of the spirit in my life with out emphasizing exact obedience. It's absolutely crucial as a missionary! 

Well I love you and I love everyone at home! I am glad Abi's mission is going well too! :) Say hi to everyone for me!
Love, Sister Emily Dahl

P.S. my wisdom teeth have been bothering me lately... not good!

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