Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Email of December 9, 2013

Dear Dad,
I am so glad that you're experiencing some cooler weather.  haha  It's actually snowing today! What?!  Crazy.  It's a little terrifying driving in snow but I am trying to stay safe.  This week was absolutely freezing.  I decided that as soon as I get home I am never leaving Arizona.  Ever.  This is weather is ridiculous.  I am glad the new elders are having a positive impact on the ward.  I'll pray that our ward jumps on the missionary train and gets excited about the hastening.  I think your efforts to bring others will definitely pay off.   The ward definitely follows the bishop.

I got your letter on Monday after I emailed you. It was wonderful. I really learned so much from your words and recieved a lot of counsel. I wrote you back but it shouldn't be there till next week sometime. Mail doesn't come here on Saturdays so it's throwing me off a bit. I will continue to pray for Scott Stump. I am so excited you get to go to the game with him. That's an amazing Christmas gift. I'll be rooting for my Cats!  And #1?  I knew serving a mission would bless the lives of many... hahaha Bear Down! Tell Abi I love her and miss her. I can't wait to talk to that crazy girl on Christmas. She sounds hilarious.
So this week was good. I am still learning a lot everyday and trying to improve. It's amazing how fast the weeks go but how much I am learning in the process. I can really feel myself becoming something I never imagined possible. I am seeing more and more humility everyday. I am learning to trust in God more than ever before and I know that the more faith I have in Him, the more I'll be able to accomplish. On Friday our bishop called and asked if I would speak in church on Sunday. So I gave my first talk in Mandarin Chinese. It was terrifying.  But the gift of tongues is so real.  I wasn't too nervous as I started and I was able to express my feelings pretty well.  It wasn't perfect but the spirit was with me.  I spoke on my mission experience along with my testimony of Jesus Christ.
I was so grateful to be able to share my testimony about this.  Since my mission I have really come to know Jesus Christ.  I never thought that I could come to know Him this closely and this quickly.  I loved the Christmas devotional last night.  Elder Russell M Nelson spoke on Christ being the Prince of Peace. The spirit was so strong!  He really is the Prince of Peace.  His peace has comforted me and brought me out of times of trial and despair.  He keeps me going everyday and as I get to know Him better, I am able to have a greater desire to share His love with everyone! I pray that you and our whole family are able to access this great abundance of peace and love that He offers us.
We didn't teach too many lessons this week but we are finding a lot more. It's similar to Shane. Not a ton of support from the ward/branch, a lot of evaluating the teaching pool and a lot of finding. The Lord is truly pouring His spirit upon the earth and preparing His children for the hastening. I went on my first exchange this week. I was pretty nervous because I had to speak english haha (go figure). I learned a lot though. I told Sister Wang that I was nervous about the future and about having to lead and be the one to stay in an area as a new companion comes in and a bunch of other things and she said something that really changed my perspective. She said everyone gets nervous for big changes in the mission. Everyone has their first transfer, everyone has their first time staying in an area, their first everything but once you go through that and look back you see it wasn't really that bad. You just endure well and trust in the Lord and everything will be just fine.
It's so true. I thought about this as I prepared my talk. I was nervous but I knew that if I just did it, relied on the Lord, and got through it, I'd realize it really wasn't that bad. I have seen that about my whole mission so far. These last 4 months have been the toughest 4 months of my whole life and you can obviously see that from the letters I've written home and all the tears I've shed. But looking back I am so much stronger than before. I have become so much more and I am becoming what the Lord needs. It is always harder in the middle of the trial but when you come out you can see the blessings and the growth. It really testifies to me of God's love for me. I know that what ever He requires of me in the future, I'll be able to do it and I am never alone.
I love you all. I am so grateful for everyone. I am sending a Christmas package today. It's nothing too fancy but I hope you all like it. Thanks for the prayers and the great abundance of love I feel from you. I hope you all continue to be steadfast and trust in the Lord. It's a time of rejoicing and remembrance of His birth and life. He lives!
Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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