Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 9. Leaving the MTC

Hey Dad!
   So this week was good then really really bad then amazing! I'll explain of course but wow. The Lord really pushes you when you have His name over your heart! I love this work but sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough. Sometimes these feelings are good, humility is so important but even though we are protected as His servants Satan is trying so hard to bring me down. It's so discouraging. I am pushing on though.
   As I said this week started off great, besides the fact that I didn't get a single letter or dear elder till Thursday (Jack, you're the Man!) I was learning a ton. We really were teaching well and applying everything we learned. I made a goal to finish the rest of the Book of Mormon before I leave the MTC (I was in Alma 55) and I was reading a ton and loving it. I could see the power of the Book of Mormon enter my life more than ever. But then I saw how a little bit of contention can turn into a poison. As a companionship, Sister Astle decided that we need to be more blunt with each other in focusing and being on task. We did that which wasn't the poison but I, for some reason, decided to begin the neck chop (thank you, Brentyn). Let's just say, not the best decision Sister Dahl has made since being on a mission. Anyways, this led to much contention. That began my downward spiral. I got super down. I was upset with companions. We were mean to eachother and it was just bad. It continued on until Thursday. I was upset and I just felt horrible. The spirit was not with me.
   I prayed so hard to try and get this feeling to leave me and it did but not completely. Then I kept having the prompting to get a blessing. It's tough to humble yourself and ask especially when I don't even know who to go to in the mtc. This experience made me think of when I struggled a bunch at the beginning of the semester and I had to ask someone besides you to give me a blessing and that led to an amazing relationship with Brother Somerville. I have grown to love my branch president and his wife so I mustered up the faith to ask him for a blessing. He willing offered one of the most amazing blessings I have ever received. It was just like Brother Somerville's blessings. He did all he could to help and really focused on the spirit even though at the time he did not know me very well. In the blessing, he promised me courage as I get out of my comfort zone. He told me that God is proud of my service and my willingness to be a leader over the sisters. He told me that I will have companions that are less able then me and that I will have the opportunity to build them up. It was so amazing to feel the spirit so strongly again. I could feel God's love so strongly and I know with out a doubt that this mission is where I need to go and what I need to do. God knows me and I am His daughter. I now have stronger faith to embark on this next part of my mission.
   This allowed me to go into conference with peace. I learned so much and I realized so many important truths. God loves all of us. We as men and women have specific roles in this life but we all have the opportunity to have God's power and authority in our lives. It's okay to be sad and discouraged but know that Christ can help. CHRIST LIVES. I know this more than ever. He is with all of us and will help us in all that we do. I love all the prophets and apostles. They are amazing. It was also neat to hear S. Gifford Nielsen again, he came to our stake when I was junior I think. Awesome.
   Well I am learning everyday. I know this is where I need to be. I am nervous but excited to get to Vancouver. Tell mom I would love for her to fly with me but a phone call will have to do. I can't wait to meet President and sister Tilleman. I'll tell them President Campbell says hello. Thank you for all the love, support and prayers. 
wo ai nimen!
love, Dai Jiemei!

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