Friday, October 25, 2013

A week in Canada Ehh?

Dear Dad,

So tell Coy and Poppy happy birthday!  That's fun mom is going to Missouri. 

I could not email yesterday because it was Canadian Thanksgiving. Who would have thought?  You can send all mail to the mission home.  They deliver it twice a week.  I am about 40 minutes from the mission home and from the temple...(I don't know).  But we get to go about every 4 months, so that's exciting.  There are about 275 missionaries in the mission and 19 are Mandarin...9 are sisters, so I gotta get comfortable. haha Only 3 of us are American. So that's fun.
I arrived to Canada safely but was in immigration for 2 and half hours waiting for my visa. It was horrible but I stayed positive!  I love President Tilleman.  He loved to hear that I knew Dave Campbell so well.  He speaks very highly of Him.  Let President Campbell know I am proud to be associated with him ha ha. 

My area is called Burnaby. It covers Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlm, and New Westminster...It's huge.  I have 2 companions again.  They are both from Mainland China and they really like to speak Mandarin.  Sister Lin is a convert of 2 years.  She is from Southern China, I think and has lived in Toronto with her family for the last few years.  She's been out 6 months and speaks pretty good English. Oh and she's a total stickler for the rules, which is awesome but I get told what to do a lot ha ha Sister Ding is great. Also from Mainland, not sure which part.  She speaks very little English, but we meet in the middle. She has been out a year.  She's much more laid back than Sister Lin but it's fun to have a balance. They both are helping me a lot.
So we have no car because neither of them can drive in Canada.  So it's me as the DD.  President wants me to get used to BC first so we have no car but with about 10 progressing investigators it's hard to get where we need to on public transportation.  I ride the bus and sky train everyday. Lots of contacting time.  I have been struggling to talk to people (weird, right?) but I am learning quickly. I just gotta open my mouth! SO weird how thats hard for me haha but everyday gets better.
I had a really hard time adjusting. I cried a lot yesterday. (I wrote you and mom a letter about it, just know I am doing much better. It was quite therapeutic) I have come to realize that it is going to take some time learning this language. It is so hard. At church I felt so alone. I did not understand and I just wanted to get out. In lessons it's a little better but I feel like the investigators don't care that i am there because I do not understand. I really beat myself. I felt like I was failing as a missionary. That everyone says it'll get better but I didn't believe them before yesterday. I just broke down. I hit rock bottom. But I realized that Christ is with me. He was just waiting for me to take His hand and do this together. I love my Savior so much. I have  come so much closer to Him the last 2 days than my whole life. He has already made so many burdens light and it is such a comfort to know He is with me. It confirms to me that the message I am sharing is true and it gives me a drive to keep pushing. 
I am adjusting quickly and am taking it day by day. I can't believe I have been here a week already. I am growing and stretching and I know I'll be able to help someone soon. Keep me in your prayers. I love you!

Love, Sister Dahlabill

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