Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Note from November 4, 2013

Dear Dad,

It's great to hear about everything going on at home. Tell Sam thank you for understanding what I am going through. It is really tough but it is getting a lot better already. (Comment from John: I shared a story Sam told me from his mission in Uruguay. He said that he learned Joseph Smith's Testimony in Spanish and shared it with a couple during a lesson. When Sam finished he said the couple told his companion that they did not speak English.  Sam said he had spoken Spanish the entire time. Sam said it was devistating).  

Thank you for the prayers in my behalf. So cool to hear about Coy! Tell him to give em the "hot stinky cheddar!"  I hope all goes well. Ron is such a blessing for being so willing to help out with Coy's future. I will pray for Poppy. That's so tough to see him struggle with his health. I hope he pulls through soon. Also Scott. Tears trickled down my face as I read that paragraph...It breaks my heart to see him have to go through such a tough trial. Tell him to "Bear down" and that I can't wait to see him in 15 months. I know He can fight this.  (John Note: My good friend Scott Stump is fighting cancer).

I am glad work is going well. How is the ward? I do know Sister Demordant. (John note: she is the first cousin of Sister Thompson, a full-time missionary serving right now in our ward) She picked me up from the airport when I arrived. Such a small world! Tell mom to hang in there with the work drama. She is strong and I know she will be a blessing to those there. Good to hear my Cats are doing well. They can do this! Is the ASU game home or away? #beardown 

That's so neat that Kaylie got her patriarchal blessing. I guess she brought a friend to church and he has been progressing a lot. I havent heard from her since September...I'm sure she's doing well and busy changing lives. 

SO this week is a lot better! I am finally starting to see more joy in the mission. It's not perfect yet but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. I've been here almost a month. Crazy. It amazes me that I have grown this much in such a short amount of time. Everyday is a new amazing lesson. I love personal study time. It helps me really strengthen my testimony and remind myself of the truthfulness of the message we share and that my pain and suffering are not wasted. As I struggle to learn this language in order to help others see this truth, I know God will bless me. Like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 46, the gift of tongues is a spiritual gift. In order to obtain a spiritual gift we must 1. Love God 2. Keep His commandments and 3. Seek out the gift. As I have come to learn more about what my part is as I seek out this spiritual gift, the more faith I have that it will be granted unto me.

Another thing about spiritual gifts is that we have to thank God. He is more than willing to bless us with these gifts but we have to remain humble and acknowledge Him. In a lesson the other day we were teaching the Plan of Salvation and I was teaching the creation and then the spirit world. I got the creation well enough and then prepared myself for the spirit world part. I began thinking, "I got this. I've done this like 10 times"....bad idea. I tried to speak mandarin when my turn came and BOOM. I couldn't speak. My words were jumbled. I couldn't remember anything. I relied on myself instead of the Lord and He wasn't about to let that happen. It really taught me a lot about humility and always giving the glory to God.

As my mandarin improves, I see that the only way I have been able to progress this much in 3 months is because of God. Without Him there's no way I could be where I am or get to the place I am going. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to speak this language and that I get to serve the Lord. I try everyday to enjoy everyday and every moment. My time is short and I need to do all I can to serve Him. 

I am learning so much about patience. Another part of Doctrine and Covenants Section 46 says that we will receive these gifts by God's will. I took that as His conditions and in His timing. I need to constantly seek the gift I desire but it will not be granted unto me until He desires to give it. Also as I put more faith in Him and trust His will, I in return am more patient with Him. I know that as I learn Mandarin God is blessing me with so many other ways and is helping me develop so many more spiritual gifts that are helping me become all He desires.

We did get a car. It was a little stressful at first and I hate that my companions try to tell me where to go in chinese because there's no way I am going to understand what you're telling me. I'm driving haha It's getting better though. It's cool that I get to learn the city so well. I drive a ford cruze. It's pretty sweet.

Some business...Next week Elder Paul V Johnson is coming and my P-day will be switched to Tuesday. Don't worry too much when I don't email on Monday. 

I love you! I pray for you everyday! I hope everything is good at home. Send pictures in the mail, I'd love to show   Look up President Uchtdorf's talk "Our Privilege, our potential" Something like that. It's all about the priesthood but it can apply to anyone. It really has changed my point of view of my mission experience. 

Love, Sister Emily Dahl

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