Friday, June 21, 2013

House of the Lord, Holiness to the Lord

   So it has been about a month and a half since I went through the temple for the first time. It was an experience that caused me to be filled with much anxiety. I know the temple is a wonderful place and I have been preparing my whole life to enter its walls and make covenants with my Heavenly Father but I was still nervous. I did not know what to expect and at times felt unworthy. Was I ready? Did I overlook something in my life? It was a difficult process.
   After much prayer, pondering, and a father's blessing, I realized that I was worthy. I was ready to enter the house of the Lord and receive those blessings. And that is exactly what it is, a blessing. Since going through the first time I have been back on four different occasions. The second time I attended was an amazing experience. I felt comfortable and felt like I could focus more on the spirit there and the individual I was representing because I had a better idea of what I was doing. It was a great reminder of the covenants I myself had recently made and gave me the desire to continually strive to keep those covenants.
   This past week I had the opportunity to attend the San Diego Temple and wow. What a magnificent place. The outside is incredible but the inside blew me away. I went to do a session while my friends did baptisms and I looked forward to the session. I was excited to sit in the celestial room on my own. I felt the spirit more that day in the temple than I had any other time and was surrounded by God's love for me. It felt amazing to know that I have a Heavenly Father that cares for me, His daughter, and the He is constantly looking out for me. The beauty within those walls was more compelling than anything I had seen, both physically and spiritually.
   It has been a blessing being able to return to the temple so many times before I report to my mission. I love doing the work of the Lord and spiritually growing every time I go. To serve Him and His children in this way allows me prepare to serve Him and His children full time for 18 months. This is the best way I can prepare and it has brought so much joy to my life. I encourage people everywhere to visit the temple and become worthy or remain worthy to enter its walls and feel the spirit inside. It will change your life and strengthen you in ways you never thought possible.

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